How to use Pou Cheats ? I will tell you the right method!

Do you remember those video game devices called Gameboys? On these devices you could have your own virtual pet and take care of him. Well, POU shares the same concept, but this time it’s more modern, interesting, better looking and reliable. And as you’ve already guessed it, it’s one of the most popular games on Google Play, counting up to almost nine million downloads with very positive reviews of about 4.3 out of 5 stars. Also, the game is constantly improving itself and we can surely tell you that it will be better over the course of time. As most reviews say, it’s very addicting and bring back those old times with Gameboy. To be able to be the best you can in this game, you can check out these Pou Cheats and start enjoying in what game has to offer- and it has many things to offer.


This game you can play alone or with friends, you can feed your POU, you can play mini games, dress your virtual pet and so on. Feeding is one of the most important factors here and it will directly affect your level in the game, so you don’t want to keep your POU hungry. However, if you give him too much food, he can get fat. Use one of the online generators to regulate his weight. You can go to your lab and from there craft the weight loss potion which is going to make your POU skinnier in a matter of time. If POU is overweight, it has its own benefits, but if he is skinnier, there is a benefit in a mini game called Sky Jump. Sky jump is being played by jumping from cloud to cloud and collecting coins which are very important factor of the game. With those coins you can buy food, clothes and stuff like that. Another mini game that can get you a lot of money is a sound game. Simply use a paper and a pencil and write down which of your POUs is making sound and in which order. To unlock some of the special items, you can use our POU Cheats, or you can buy it in the game, but the first option if much easier. Special items include special scenes, costumes, food, potions etc. If you for example want to unlock special candy scene, you need to eat all candies for a nine times. Or if you are interested in special terrains, like snow and mud, you need to reach various distances in mini game called Hill Drive. The best setup for the Hill Drive varies, because of the terrain. One of our tool can help you with that. For example, you will want level 2 engine, level 10 suspension and level 1 tires for the grass. Alternatively, for snow you will need a better level 10 engine and suspension, and level 1 for tires. There is also a mini game called Memories, and it can also give a good boost of coins/money in the game. Money in the game can be earned like we said before, but you can also buy it with real life money, which we do not recommend. One of our last cheats considering feeding POU. Feeding will help you get to another level, but if you don’t want POU to get fat, buy weight loss potion and just combine food with these to nullify the effects of too much food. As you can see, the game is very simple yet addictive and interesting. We hope that we were able to help you to better understand the game.


Jungle Heat - good game for ios and android

Jungle Heat is a simulation strategy game available for Android and iOS. You play as the commander of an army and play against the evil genral blood. Android and iOS users will hack their way through sweltering jungles to get to all of the oil and gold. As you play, you will build buildings, troops, and a variety of other things. Android and iOS players can build several different types of heroes and troops for their army. They can also build vehicles and support troops to aid your troops as they hack their way through the Android jungle.

The entire mission of this game is to havk through all the muck in the game’s jungle to somehow build a base in which you can play. Android and iOS users will spend most of their play time amassing resources in the sweltering jungle heat. Resources are needed in the game in order allow players to upgrade buildings, play with better troops, and to make more troops. Every bit of that takes gold and oil. There are many hacks available for this Android and iOS game. There are hacks that allow players to give their troops unlimited health. This hack will allows you to play as the god of the map and will give Android and iOS users unlimited gold and unlimited oil. With this tool, you can play with unlimited upgrades to your troops.

jungle 1)

The multiplayer aspect of Jungle Heat gives it an edge of competition. There are tournaments that you can play. The game has a list of top players. It will even allow you to play on your own. You will be very happy with what you get with this Android and iOS game. The repetition will wear at you for awhile and once you’ve had your all night play time, it won’t catch your interest. But you can be rest assured you will be hacking through the jungle for hours on end.