7 Crazy Things That Could Be Clogging Your Pipes

Hearing unusual sounds gurgling from your drain? Got a monster screeching from your sink faucet? Probably not, but there is definitely something unpleasant clogging up those drains. Half the time we can just chalk it up to the compiling of soap products and stray hairs, but sometimes it can be much worse. That’s why it is super important to check your drains habitually and clean them out regularly because sometimes you might find something in your pipes that you were never expecting. For example a few months ago, Independent brought a story where the sewer was blocked by a large Pooh. Here we’ve collected a list things that commonly can get clogged in those drain that you would have never expected.

  1. Coffee Beans

Sometimes when you’re cleaning the machine filter or dumping remnants from your morning cup of joe, a stray bean can escape. Imagine that happening over a years’ time. Now your water’s smelling like coffee and you can’t figure out why.

  1. Grease

Grease from cooked meats and ended meals can easily clog up your drains if not fully dissolved. This can create a film layer to form in your pipes, causing the water to slow in its flow. Try running some scalding hot water down the drain to break up these clumps of fatty oils.

  1. Food Scraps

Huge chunks of food can easily clog up your sink by accident. It’s best to use a garbage disposal to break up those fat chunks of food so they can dissolve into the sewer. If you don’t have a garbage disposal or you’re dispelling food scarps from a smaller sink, you can always find liquid particle dissolvent products at local home upkeep stores.

  1. Plastic and Paper

Plastic bits, cardboard labels, and paper tags can easily be sent down the drain. But with a buildup of these items you can end up with a mighty huge clog. Try using a small wire to easily remove these from the base of the drain with affluence.

  1. Cotton balls and Q-tips

Just like paper and plastic products, cotton tends to stick together to form a large clump that can cause drainage problems similar to that of a hair clog. Sadly, you have to remove it similar to a hair clog too. So, pull up that drain and just pull of the excess cotton products.

  1. Glass

Glass is one of the biggest hidden offenders of common drainage issues. If a large enough piece of glass gets caught in your drain, it could block off the flow of water entirely. Or worse, it could scratch up and damage the inside of your pipes, meaning you’d have to pay to have them replaced faster than normal needs would be. 

  1. Animals …or remnants

Unknowingly, sometimes animals, such as rats, mice, and large insects, can crawl in and make a home out of your plumbing system. Then when these animals pass on and die, their bodies can cause the flow of water from your faucet to slow. To take care of this issue, you’ve got to get a professional plumber to properly remove the animal. Then I would recommend getting an exterminator to finally put the animal issue in your pipes to permanent rest.

Here we’ve told you about some common things that can get stuck in your drain. There are many other things that can end up messing with your draining system. To read about some more personal plumbing incidents, click here.